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Metaverse:what is new with Facebook’s new leap in social media?

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Metaverse: what is new with Facebook’s new leap in social media?

Facebook needs no introduction. The Social media giant has many feather in their hat and is known to make the social media look like what you see today. Known for its innovative and user centric features, Facebook is one of the tech companies that has truly evolved a leap ahead with time. With this approach, on Thursday, 28th October, 2021, they named or “relaunched” would be a better term Facebook as Metaverse or just “Meta”.

It created worldwide stir when Mark Zuckerberg announced it in his keynote. The approach of making Facebook and its other applications more user and hardware friendly, the company is going to renovate and reinvent the platforms it run.

AI, VR and AR is the new future

With the platforms and devices now developing with the facilities like videos, AI, immersive user experience and virtual reality, Facebook/Meta is focusing to make its user experience more interactive and make the time count that you spend on social media. Facebook with its Metaverse project is planning a strategy, focusing on the development in technology in next 5 to 10 years. Facebook is aiming to make the social media viable in fields like real time interaction, education, and even professional communications. As per the Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Metaverse is aspiring to be built by content creators and developers with interaction of the online platforms with the advance devices, giving the users a richer experience like a sci-fi movies and gaming. Experts and developers at the Facebook reality labs are working on the development of holographic images, going to be known as “avatars”, using Artificial intelligence and Virtual reality of people and items.


He also hinted about the virtual rooms or setups with specialized purposes called as “Horizon”. On initial phase, they will be in 3 types: Horizon home, Horizon Rooms and Horizon Workplaces.

  • Horizon Home will give the user to virtually design their home or personal spaces as per your preference and moods.
  • Horizon rooms will be like clubs where you can meet with your friends and spend quality time with each other for party, get together and outing.
  • Horizon Workplace will allow the users to professionally collaborate with each other as conference rooms.
Meta in Marketing

Facebook/Meta is also planning to make the marketing through its social media platforms more interactive and easy for the business owners to market their products and services using AI and VR, improving the user experience and enhancing the sales. As per Mark, the core aim of Metaverse is to build a strong, global economy, accessible to all. As per the speculations made, the advance technological approach in Metaverse will give a new direction to marketing and brand building.

Are you a Gamer? Meta is for you

Speculations have also suggested that Facebook/Meta will be emphasizing on gaming as it is one of the most interactive and fastest growing medium of social interaction. The Keynote suggest that GTA: San Andreas is going to come up with other VR driven video games like Population: One and Oculus Quest 2. The company is focusing on leveraging the potential of AI, VR and AR for diversifying and revolutionizing the gaming sector on world scale. Good news for gamers!!!

What more in Meta?

In his Keynote, Mark Zuckerberg has also suggested that Metaverse is going to dig in the potential for health and wellness, sports and even education (Social Media for education! Sounds interesting). On the concluding statement, the tech giant has said that Metaverse is a project of great potentiality and responsibility. The company is greatly committed towards maintaining the privacy and data security and Meta will be no different to it. He also said that all the services of Facebook will remain same.

With hopes and Aspirations to see more technological wonders in future, Best of Luck Metaverse!!!!

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